Holly Pitre
"Baptism/Exorcism: What Is It About This That Weighs So Unbearably Heavy On My Mind""Baptism/Exorcism: Worry, Worry, Worry""Baptism/Exorcism: There Are Just So Many Other Things I'd Rather Be Doing With My Time"
Baptism/Exorcism Drawings

This drawing series are graphite on paper renderings of images from my daily life, personal and political, serious and ridiculous. They depict situations from whose psychological weight I wish to cleanse myself—boring daily chores and my own self doubt—demons in my perception. Once the images are perfectly drawn I then literally wash them, simultaneously baptizing them and exorcising these deemed tormentors. By this act I clean the image of all transgressions, often erasing most of the surface layer of the drawing. The result of this process is the ghost of the former perceived evil and an artifact of the ritual.